Alicia Masters (Sassone series)
Real Name Alicia Masters
Gender Female
Movie The Fantastic Four
Actor Kat Green
Status Alive

Alicia Masters is a blind artist who is the girlfriend of Ben Grimm.


The Fantastic FourEdit

Alicia Masters is a blind artist, skilled in sculpture who gives expression to her clay statues using her heightened sense of touch. One day, she meets Ben Grimm, who's in a hurry since he's about to join his friend Reed Richards for a mission in space. The two exchange a few words, but Alicia is impressed by Ben's strength and good heart, falling in love with him. Later, that very evening, she starts to make a statue of his face, but she's secretly watched by an admirer of her, the thief known as The Jeweler.

Alicia learnt that Ben and his friends had been killed in a space accident, she weeps in pain, but she's immediately kidnapped by the Jeweler's men. She's taken to the sewers, where the Jeweler himself reveals to her that he plans to make her his queen. When he's dressed her as a bride and is about to marry her, Dr. Doom and his army breaks in the Jeweler's lair and defeat the thief. In that very moment, even Ben Grimm, now transformed into the hideous Thing, is in the sewers, and tries to save Alicia, but he's turned back to his human form when the girl declares her love for him.

Dr. Doom, seeing how much the Thing cares for Alicia, decides to take her to Latveria and use her as a hostage to set a trap for his enemies. When the heroes arrive in Latveria, Doom easily captures them and tells them that he's going to kill Alicia in front of Ben, only to kill the four of them immediately after. Thanks to Mr. Fantastic's powers, anyway, the team sets free and Ben is able to free Alicia, who finally can meet him properly.

When the battle against Doom has ended, Alicia participates to the wedding Reed and Sue Storm as Ben's guest.

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