Debbie McIlvane (Story series)
Real Name Debbie McIlvane
Gender Female
Movie Fantastic Four
Actor Laurie Holden
Status Alive

Debbie McIlvane was The Thing's ex-fiancee. The couple were supposed to marry, but after Ben was turned into The Thing, Debbie rejected him out of fear.


Fantastic FourEdit

Debbie is waiting in her flat, for her fiancé, Ben Grimm to return home after his recent job. Debbie is, however, unaware that Ben had been hospitalized the previous week and the changes which had occurred after the accident in space, where Ben is turned into The Thing.

Later on, when the Fantastic Four first assemble, and become apparent to the public for the first time; after having saved people during a massive bridge accident, Debbie comes to the scene to see what has happened, only to see Ben. She sadly places her engagement ring on the ground, turns, and leaves, much to Ben's chagrin.

It's unknown if Ben ever saw her again but this is rather unlikely.