Dr. Doom (Sassone series)
1994 Doom
Real Name Victor Von Doom
Alias(es) Doctor Doom
Gender Male
Movie The Fantastic Four
Actor Joseph Culp
Status Deceased

Victor Von Doom, also known as Dr. Doom, is the arch nemesis of the Fantastic Four.


The Fantastic FourEdit

Along side his best friend Reed Richards, Doom conceived an experiment, which aimed to control the immense energy of the comet called Colossus, passing nearby Earth atmosphere. Despite their calculations being correct, the two decided to proceed with the experiment. However it ended in disaster and Victor was apparently killed in the following explosions that resulted. In reality Victor was horrifically scarred and wore a metal mask to hide his disfigurations and became the villainous Doctor Doom.

A decade later Doctor Doom kidnapped Alicia Masters and threatened to both kill her and destroy New York as well. The Fantastic Four came back to Latveria to face him. Inside Castle Von Doom, Reed and the others were easily captured by one of Doom's machine, but Richards used his elastic powers to elude the force field which held them captive and used the laser meant to steal their powers against the restraining device.

After knocking out some guards, Reed finally had a chance to face his old friend, and fought with him. Despite the many weapons hidden in his armor, Dr. Doom was no match for Mr. Fantastic's elongating powers, and was defeated. Although Reed tried to save him, Doctor Doom apparently met his end falling from the walls of Castle Doom.


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