The Fantasticar is a custom-built, open-topped vehicle capable of flight, and the primary mode of transportation for the Fantastic Four. It was created by Mr. Fantastic and was seen only in the 2007 sequel film, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.


Reed called the Fantasticar from New York to Siberia within a matter of minutes using its autopilot feature in order to rescue the Silver Surfer from the military. Not too long after, they pursued Dr. Doom in it to China in order to reunite the Surfer with his board. At the end of the film, the four fly into the sky on it, following Reed and Sue's wedding. The team then split the vehicle into separate cars, tracing and leaving the team's signature "4" emblem in the sky.


  • The Fantasticar can split into three sections (as the Human Torch can already fly).
  • It is a Dodge brand car and is powered by a Chrysler Hemi engine.
  • The car has four seats. The furthest back is especially large for The Thing.


  • The Fantasticar may serve as a reference to the aerial vehicles used by the Fantastic Four in the comics and cartoons.