Josh Trank
Directed Fantastic Four
Wrote Fantastic Four
Produced Fantastic Four

Josh Trank directed and wrote Fantastic Four. Trank was hoping to direct a sequel to the film, but it was cancelled when it became a box office and critical disappointment. Trank stated that the executives at Fox were treating him unfairly and not giving him the respect he needed.

Trank wanted the film to be more realistic than the first two films. He wanted it to be an homage to Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, and David Cronenberg, as well as showing elements of body horror, which included Johnny blowing up a room after he wakes from his coma, Reed stretching his muscles and not his Skeleton in the original comic, and Ben trying to crawl out of a cocoon made of rock.

He is hoping to get his career back in order and trying to direct another film, as long as movie executives give him the respect he needs.

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